Setting up a blog – get happy and do it!

This is my first information blog post. I am a novice writer and want to share what I learn with others new to the craft.

There are lots of blogs and websites on the internet filled with valuable information for writers. These two list spring to mind. It took awhile to sift through many blogs and websites, before I found those two. So let me be clear right now as to the purpose of this blog. Here I target simple steps for newbie writers. They are tips on what is working for me.

So what did work for me this week?

Be Happy and Keep Going

Let’s start with Twitter. I signed up a few months ago and started following writers, editors, marketers, and publishers. Before I knew it I was following 500 people and had similar numbers following back.

I was asked for my blog link several times. That was probably a good sign that real people are interested in what I have to say. I thought about creating a blog, then I considered all the quality information already available on the web. How on earth, I wondered, can I contribute to such a vast cache of excellent information?

With the self-esteem level on the low side, I needed to improve my mood. I started following folks that contribute inspirational quotes and pick me up articles. I latched on to one particular tweet. “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Feeling better I searched Google and found Word Press. I spent an hour or two creating the blog and then left it. Yep, the work was done. I had created it and there was zero information posted to it. I still didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write.

One night on Twitter, it dawned on me. These people have things to say, each in their own unique voice, and I have things to say too. Actually, what I have to say is exactly what is written in this post on how to get past fear and insecurities.

In summary, this first post is a pep talk for those afraid they lack useful material to contribute. Believe me, you can add value. There are always new people entering the writing field that will benefit from what you have to offer. Take chances and put yourself out there. That’s what makes life interesting.  Bring yourself (emotionally and mentally) to a place where you can get things done. For me writing is about discovering myself and learning to be real and become a better writer in the process. Sure it’s a risk but life without risk, well…?


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