How Does A Smart Alec Kid Handle Sin – Kicked Out of the Confessional

In childhood, Margaret attended church on Sundays with her parents. One particular Sunday on her way out of services she saw a friend slip behind a wooden door and into a closet. The next day Margaret saw the child walking ahead of her. She ran up to her and asked, “why did you go in that box yesterday?”

The little girl replied, “It’s confession; I went in there to tell the priest my sins and to ask God for forgiveness.”

Margaret asked, “what’s sin?”

“It’s like when you steal sugar or something.”

The following Sunday Margaret decided she wanted to confess her sin. And after the service, she slipped into the closet and seated herself on a wooden bench.  It was dark, and she heard the priest breathing behind the curtain. “What have you to confess my child?”

“I stole sugar.”

The priest said a prayer told her to be a good girl and sent her away.

The following Sunday, Margaret wanted to confess her sin again. She slipped into the box, seated herself on the bench and waited.

“What have you to confess my child?”

“I stole sugar.”

The priest poked his head around the curtain and saw Margaret. He got up found her mother and said,  “Don’t bring her back again.”


I learned this story from a great friend while we were reminiscing on childhood. I warned her it made me laugh so hard that I was tempted to post it to the blog. She said go ahead. This proves that awesome anecdotes can be found everywhere.


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