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It Is Exactly What You Think It Is


I am sitting on a patio chair in the back garden and sipping my first coffee of the day.  The breeze is cool and the sky, although brightening with the morning sunrise shows signs of grey to the North.  The leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow. The summer is coming to an end.  The thought usually leaves me feeling a bit depressed. However, this morning I am appreciating how fantastic this year is treating me.

I wonder what is making 2012 so great? Did some type of magic invade my life and turn it from sad to happy, boring to fun? Is it the blue moon creating this  beautiful morning accompanied by these magnificent thoughts? Or is it simply me who’s changed the way I think?

Alright it is me who is looking at life with new perspective. I changed what I choose to think about and focus upon. I took the thoughts from a dark gloomy place, into a lighter more positive vibration. I stubbornly resolved to look at what makes me happy and to see what is positive about people and experiences. I made a conscious decision to follow this formula, and it is leading me to experiences, and more importantly people who match the positive mindset I am creating.

During the summer I have met people who are some of the best personalities Twitter and our planet have to offer. Authors, readers and resourceful creative individuals, who give and receive support with the kind of ease one might only imagine existing in fairy tales.

I changed my thoughts, put myself out there and took risks. This is not magic nor is it a fairy tale, although someone who know me well might think it is. I just decided to give the writing, myself and others the best thoughts I can possibly create.

Sure I made mistakes and it was a little embarrassing at times. But I am glad I stubbornly kept going. If I had given up I would have missed the rendezvous with this amazing group of individuals. Others with dreams like my own that are pursuing their passions and taking the writing gig to the next level.

I take chances now and always try to put the best of myself out there each day. The experiences, and people I encounter because of it are influencing my thinking and future stories. It may seem a bit scary, but technology proves we are never alone, and that’s a good thing! The knowledge helps keep my spirits high and my tenacious hold on the writing dream strong.

I am heading into autumn filled with new inspiration, new friends, a new blog, and a renewed eagerness to read, write and share with others. Yes to date it has been a good year.

How’s your creative life going? Can you use some support, inspiration, a shout out, or comment? Take a chance & let me know!


Fall Blogging Plans?

Before I started this blog my writing routine was fixed. It was a schedule built up over several years that became as second nature to me as brushing my teeth. I am not a regimented conformist by any means. What I am is a creature of habit. Sometimes those habits, as much as I love them, get boring and the writing ends up suffering because of it.

Just in time, as it usually happens, along comes a new kid on the block and shakes me from my lethargic twilight sleep. This time it’s a blog created in the spring for all the musings on writing, appreciation and a few other things. Although very new I neglected it over the summer. Now this kid is demanding one new blog post per week to get up and running.

I take a look at the current schedule, it goes something like this:

Six hours per day, minimum on writing courses, reviews, reading and social media.

The first thing I do in the morning and with coffee in hand is review Twitter and the blog. It takes 15-20 minutes to respond to interactions and post a few inspiring quotations to start the day off right.

With several cups of coffee floating around my gut and brain, I spend 1-2 hours on poetry, essay and short story reviews.

Monday mornings are my favorite time of the week. I write a new short story draft which is better than coffee for getting the imagination in gear, and the heart pumping. Tuesday thru Friday I dedicate an hour to revising and editing the new piece.

The remainder of the time is dedicated to revising and editing my manuscript incessantly. Yes I know at some point I will have to let it go.

A few evenings per week there are a couple more free hours available. I use the time to catch up on anything I fell behind on.

That’s my exciting writing week in review.

Now back to the conundrum. I need to add a regular blog posting to my list of weekly activities. I’ve read enough to know a weekly post is important to readership. When people realize you have a set day and perhaps time to blog, they are more likely to remember and check in.

Where do I find the time for this new kid? I used the evenings to create the blog, short story and appreciation pages in the spring time. So why not use the evening time slot to write the new entry?

The only snafu here is;  I know myself and I can get lazy in the evening. What the heck, they say nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

It might be easier than I think. I’ll add the activity to the routine and allow it to grow into a habit. Habits are so much easier to maintain than new activities anyway.

How do you re arrange your schedule when something new comes up? Please leave a comment, would love to hear from you.