Writing a blog post? Avoid loading the pen with confusion.

In keeping with my goal to write one new blog post per week. I sat down this morning intent on editing the draft I have been working on all week.

This is going to be a breeze, I thought. Uh… wrong! The next hour was spent banging my head against the keyboard until finally the truth was accepted. The piece was a random bunch of words and ideas barfed onto the page. This sent me into a temper tantrum that would best any two year old. I’m exaggerating… a little, but it was REALLY annoying.

In frustration and fearing the laptops safety I stepped away from the desk and did something simple and mindless. That’s when the answer came to me (again).  I had forgotten to keep it simple. I approached the topic, the predator/antagonist archetype, without a plan.

The draft was written in the same style I use when writing a short story. With the stories I spew (barf?) the ideas onto the page, and go back afterwards to do research, edits and whatever else is needed. Hey it works out great for the stories, not so good when trying to write a semi intelligent blog post on character and development.

I re read the post many times and reached the same conclusion, it was a very long mess of varying perspectives on the subject of archetypes and antagonists/predators.

I should have chosen a targeted question which defines what I wanted to learn about the antagonist archetype as the very first step and prior to doing the research. I asked myself, how can you research the entire universe when your interest is in the planet Mars? Hell, I’m so down about this situation right now. I shouldn’t have challenged a topic like the antagonist/predator archetypes at all!

This self created and written mass of confusion only served to undermine my belief that one day I will become a sufficiently skilled writer/author.   But no worries folks, I am too stubborn to believe that and I won’t give up… ever.

Lesson learned. Next post I will take the time to understand exactly what the question is before flying all over the internet and reading everything from Grandma’s antagonist cookie recipe to a 1000 page thesis on Lord of the Rings. Enthusiasm is great, when tempered with an honest desire to learn.

A little planning goes a very long way!

How do you plan your blog postings? Can you wing it?


7 thoughts on “Writing a blog post? Avoid loading the pen with confusion.

    1. ariescottrell Post author

      Thanks, Jane! Your words of encouragement mean the world to me! Being honest with ourselves, gets easier with practice and as time goes on, I guess. Still hard realization.
      You have a great one!!

  1. Kelli Joan Bennett

    Really enjoyed this post, Aries! Nice work. And, oh my gosh, I’m so laughing right now. We all think our writing is crap most of the time! LOL. It reminds me of the wonderful piece Thoughts on Writing by Elizabeth Gilbert on her website:

    “When I was writing “Eat, Pray, Love”, I had just as a strong a mantra of THIS SUCKS ringing through my head as anyone does when they write anything.”

    It’s a very inspirational read. Here’s the link if you want to read the whole thing: http://www.elizabethgilbert.com/thoughts-on-writing/

    Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Kristen

    I followed your link on Twitter. What a great post!

    My goal is to write one blog per week that revolves around the Law of Attraction. Sometimes I have ideas way ahead of time; however, about half of my entries have been written at the last moment. As long as I can figure out what subject matter to write about, I run with that. I can’t write when I am forced to write. I have to be inspired. Some of them are long while others are very short, and I’m not concerned with the length as much as I am about what I’m trying to convey to the reader. 🙂

    1. ariescottrell Post author

      Kristen first let me apologize. I am all new to this blogging thing, and your comment went to spam which I just discovered this morning. I’d like to thank you for the thoughtful comments. I look forward to reading your blog, which I am heading off to right now!

  3. Louise Sorensen

    I post mostly short stories on my blog. If I were writing an opinion blog, or a non-fiction piece, I would approach it by writing all the pertinent facts in point form, organizing them into the right order, adding notes of items I wanted to remember to include. Then I would write the first draft and rewrite and edit until I got it down to word limit or deadline. Usually I work on a one thousand word story for six days, then post.
    Recently I’ve been working on a longer than usual story. It’s at about 17,000 words so far. By the timr I got to 10,000 I had to summarize the chapters, and summarize the story so I could keep going.
    With short stories, I’m a pantser. With longer pieces, I need to outline. I can wander away, or change the outline, but I still have a guide to follow.

    1. ariescottrell Post author

      It is as my lazy butt suspected. While short stories can be written (first draft) in a wing it atmosphere, I cannot get around the fact a good opinion piece requires planning to organize coherently. Always a pleasure, and in this case informative, to read your comments!


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