A Case For Law of Attraction?

Bruce Peninsula Cottage

In the fall of 2011 I began studying the Law of Attraction (LOA). After reading a few books on the subject I thought what the heck; let’s give it a try.

With the Law of Attraction, getting happy and visualizing what you want is the first step toward manifestation. I chose travel. To avoid overwhelming myself, which is easy to do, I decided it would be nice to spend a couple of weekends next summer at the cottage. I used the memories of a few previous cottage trips to visualize myself already there. The feeling of being at the cottage grew the more I did the visualization exercises. My muscles began to relax. I felt the soft wind blowing across the lake and through my hair. I saw the stars over head and felt the warmth of the bonfire.

I did the visualization exercise through November and December. I did it while washing dishes, folding clothes, and during other activities not just in a meditative state. The first thing I noticed was it began to have a positive effect on my feelings of well being. I was happier during the day, laughing more and enjoying myself.

Shortly before Christmas my husband approached me with an offer, no not that kind, the kind I couldn’t refuse. He asked if I would like to spend our 28th wedding anniversary at a large cottage in the Bruce Peninsula area. I hadn’t shared my wish or visualizations with him. I was intrigued.

“Of course,” I said. “But how are we going to afford it?”

“Leave it to me,” he said.

True to his word May 11th 2012 arrived to find us lounging on a large lakeside deck at a magnificent cottage on the Bruce Peninsula. For the curious, the cottage can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OQblKWdVjw The property and surrounding area is gorgeous and we had a wonderful time.

So how did hubby arrange the cottage? He had done some work for a grateful property manager (Nick). Nick is the sort of person who believes in sharing the beauty with others. He was very pleased we had a such a nice time and asked if we would be interested in reviewing a few cottages for him. Of course, we agreed!

Last week we visited a cottage in the Kawartha Lakes area. Although it is mid September the days were warm enough to do a bit of swimming and sun bathing. I am in the process of creating a video of the Kawartha Lakes cottage and will post link when available.

True to our word, I wrote an in depth review of the cottage. The cottage was smaller and more homey, and aside from a few easy fixes it was also a pleasure to visit.

Nick called us last night, and asked if we might enjoy reviewing a cottage in the Sauble Beach. We are looking forward to it, with the autumn arriving today. I hope the fall colors are stunning.

With several more cottages to follow after Sauble Beach, or cottaging roster is full this year. Life is good and we are having a great time with it all! How well the law of attraction seems to be working here.

What do you think is happening here? Is it a case of lucky coincidence? Or is it a great example of the Law of Attraction at work? Got an interesting Law of Attraction story? Please leave comments!


P.S. Shameless plug. This cottage is the inspiration for my short story “Whispers Imagination” which can be read here: https://ariescottrell.wordpress.com/short-stories/


6 thoughts on “A Case For Law of Attraction?

    1. ariescottrell Post author

      Agree and definitively having fun with this. Thanks for chiming in. Votes 100% positive. Waiting to see if anyone has an alternative explanation. REAL science could study results like these in a controlled environment. I don’t know, but it is fun!


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