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Happy Holidays To All!


Well we survived 12/21/12. The festivities this year have been great. And I am hearing the same from many friends and family members. It is just an all around wonderful holiday season.

I don’t have a lot to add but I did want to wish all my family, friends (virtual and real) all the best of the season and a fantastic 2013!

I look forward to reading and writing with you all in the New Year!


Mayan, oh Mayan

Mayan, oh Mayan

Will the world end in 13 days?  Considering I am old enough to remember Y2K, ice age and nuclear threats I have my doubts.

History has taught me those events generated a pile of sh… er anxiety unworthy of my energy. I refuse to allow this latest round of gossip to affect my life today.

The Christmas shopping is done. I am accepting party invitations and participating in a multitude of other activities associated with the season.  In other words; I am living life to its fullest.

What I haven’t done is maxed out credit cards, partied like it’s 1999 or participated in any type of activities fueled by emotionalism over this story. Because that type of response leads to consequences that will need addressing after the Mayan stone crumbles and the world carries on the next day.

Even if I suspend judgement here and ask myself, what if the world does end on December 21, 2012? Is there anything I can do about it? Is it worth my time to fret over and waste energy on? No, I will spend my time appreciating life, and all that it has to offer for as long as it continues. Thank you very much.

What I would like to say to everyone is this. Most of us have holidays we love to celebrate. Many are time honored traditions that bind family and friends together and remind us to think and act with love. In the spirit of that love I would like to wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous year to come. May it be filled with happiness and appreciation for both the big and simple things of life.

And just in case I’m wrong. It’s been a blast doing life with you!