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Hello, hello… testing 1,2,3

Is this mic on? Yes it is thanks to WordPress.

Writing thought for today. I have always been a bit confused over the fine line between confidence and arrogance. Thanks to a movie I recently watched with my granddaughter the confusion is cleared up.

From Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure “Confidence is when you know you’re good. Arrogance is when you expect everybody else to know you’re good.” Ya I know kinda lame I had to quote this from a kids movie.¬†Anyway it works for me!

Writer’s, artists skilled individuals of all kinds, let’s put away the insecurity role up the sleeves and get to work.

Leave the insecurities at the door and know that it is enough to know you’re good and keep going!



The last post on this blog was Christmas time! Really Christmas? Oh come on I can do better than this, can’t I?

Yes I can however, life has taken a few turns as it so often does. I will be back with a fury soon. For now I’ll say, thanks to those twists and turns in life, I have a few more writing ideas.

Have a great one and write again soon!