What Makes You Happy?

Today’s writing prompt is “What makes you happy?” Since the list is endless, I have chosen a few top favorites.

  1. Helping and supporting others – love the feeling that someone has felt supported because I cared.

  2. Family – spending time with family, visiting, sharing a meal and laughing is by far right up there at the top of my list of happiness activities.

  3. Bike riding – soaring down the streets, through parks and sharing a friendly good day with a passer by. Not to mention the exercise that brings a great feeling of well beings.

  4. Holidays – decorating, cooking, time with friends and family just love all of it.

  5. Daycare – caring for children, doing crafts and activities the interactions with kids makes me feel

  6. Cats – they are loving, soothing and great fun to play with.

  7. Reading a good novel – when a story draws me in. I become (for the time I am reading the story) a part of that world. My imagination flies up and I fall in love with the characters, their lives and adventures.

  8. Writing – writing for me is definitely a form of therapy that makes me happy.

  9. Visiting with friends – this is pretty much self explanatory. Great friends, awesome conversation and lots of fun. I will say no more 🙂

Those are just a few of the things that make me happy. Spread the joy and share some of your happy moments.


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