A Call From Dream Stealer Publishing

NaBloPoMo post #6

I was truly blessed yesterday to spend time with the writer’s very best friend. The one the only ‘dream stealer’ aka the realist. One of that lovely class of people I like to call the party pooper.

This is how the encounter went. It started off as a regular, mundane day. I had just finished writing a piece titled, “What Family and Friends Think of My Blogging.”

Over lunch this person whom I am close to and have extreme respect for broached the subject of my writing. He reminded me that writer’s are usually poor. I smiled and thanked him for reminding me of the obvious. As if after 6 years of writing regularly I hadn’t discovered THAT stunning piece of valuable information already.

With each word he spoke my emotions and defenses were going up. I was having a hard time hearing a word he said. But I did catch the odd “delusions of grandeur” and “none paying hobby” in the conversation.

I told him how keenly aware of the odds I am. Apparently the stats suggest I have a better chance of winning a lottery than becoming a successfully published author. Considering not one of the 6+  novels written is anywhere close to submission ready,
this really isn’t a problem for me at this time.

I guess my acknowledgement of reality wasn’t enough. The party pooper didn’t seem to feel that I got it and continued his discourse on how impossible it is to make money writing stories.

“Like really, am I not fully aware of the odds?” I fired back. By this time my e-motions were in full swing right along with my insecurities. I was starting to sound more like a whiny teenager than an adult. Maybe he just felt I needed to realize it MORE.

Anywayz… er, I mean, anyway. I reminded him that writing is what I love to do. Right along with reading. Those two activities are the the most pleasant way I have to spend my spare time.

Finally the emotional fog began to clear and I heard him ask if I had an interest in social media marketing. He even Suggested companies hire those who are adept at it and wondered if that would be a field I could make money from. I immediately started to shake my head. No I was not interested in sales, online or anywhere else for that matter. I am quite happy providing caregiver services and making a wage that way.

With a little distance between me and the conversation yesterday, I know his heart and questions were in the right place. I am very sensitive about discussing my writing, although I have gotten better. But in the above situation I allowed my fears and insecurities to get the better of me.

As for my writing. Of course I would love to be published, what writer wouldn’t? But take heart those who know me, there are no delusions of grandeur in my head. I live in a real world where I have real responsibilities to fulfil. Just please understand that I am
fully aware of the odds of getting published so not to worry.

If you really want to show your love and support please comment on the writing. I can handle constructive criticism and I am learning to ignore mean spirit comments without basis or critical value.

I am living the regular life and dreaming big. Writing is my hobby, my passion and my dream. Becoming a better communicator and translating imagination and creativity into enjoyable stories is my ultimate goal.

A final thought. I learn more from writing failures than I do from life mistakes and so I write on…


3 thoughts on “A Call From Dream Stealer Publishing

    1. ariescottrell Post author

      Thanks for commenting Mary, and welcome to my world! I agree. Definitely failure can lead to success. All depends on how we handle it.
      Have a great one, and stop by anytime!


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