NaBloPoMo Post #7 & Law of Positive Attraction

NaBloPoMo Post #7 & The Law of Positive Attraction

Have written a few heavy posts recently and decided post #7 will lean toward the positive lighter perspective.

This morning I had to call a customer to reschedule his pickup time. These calls make me nervous because 8 out of 10 times the person on the other end gets irritated by with change. In turn leading to an unpleasant conversation that leaves me feeling drained afterward.

This time before making the call I sat back and thought about attracting the positive that is wanted instead of the negative that is unwanted. Relaxing and quieting the memories of angry and annoyed customers, I pulled up memories of positive discussions where spirit of cooperation and working together on best outcome existed. Then I made the call.

The customer on the other end was very understanding. We re arranged the pick up time and I thanked him immensely for the understanding.

Did my decision to relax and remember the wonderful clients with clear positive vision instead of the narrow negative sightless customer impact this conversation?

What do you think? Have any positive experiences using law of attraction to share?


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