Like Attracts Like. What are you like?

We are like magnets – like attract like. You become AND attract what you think. The law of attraction.

NaBloPoMo post #8

Yesterday I wrote a post on pulling up memories of great client discussions before making a challenging re scheduling call. Post here:

Carrying forward with that theme I am interested in how we can use the like attracts like law in more and more powerful ways.

Here is an example of powerful:

Last night while watching a sports game an athlete who was interviewed by the commentator brought this very point up during his interview.

He had suffered a serious eye injury during a game and there was questions surrounding his ability to play again. The commentator asked the athlete how this news made him feel. He responded with, “I continued to do my regular work outs and allowed like to attract like. He is now back in the game.

Incidences of like attracting like are recorded worldwide. I have experienced it personally and accept the law as truth or reality. We are the commanders of our lives and experiences.

Having accepted this truth I live each moment, finding the best in others and myself. I follow through with thoughts that attract more positivity. Like minded individuals join me in the fun along the journey. They are supportive and caring people working toward creating more positive and prosperous existence for us all.

There is that one big question here. Is it only our thoughts emotions and behaviors that determine the quality of our lives? Or do those thoughts go out to the universe and come back to us through some filter known as god, energy, force. For the purpose of this chat it is unnecessary to enter that distracting debate. Ultimately the like attracts like law works for those who do and don’t believe in a higher power.

Back to the original question from the beginning of this post. How do we use Law of Attraction in more powerful ways? The athlete I mentioned above said it best. “Keep a regular workout routine”.

Translated that means there is no magic pill. Keep practicing like attracts like regularly and you will continue to bring those things into your life that you want. Or of course you can continue to practice unconsciously and get a random chaotic existence. Either way the law works.

For me the daily workout includes, meditation, studying Law of Attraction and holding my world and everyone in it to their highest potential and possibilities, myself included. It is practice, practise and more practise. Just keep going in that positive direction.

Do you have a regular routine you follow to flex those attraction muscles in the direction you choose? Please consider sharing them in the comment section. I believe we are all here to learn from each other. Let’s do it!


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