One of Those Days

You know those mornings, the ones that spin off of sleepless nights? Those days when it’s cold outside and you have to drag your sorry butt from the bed? Ya, me too. I may love to write about hearts and flowers but the reality is sometimes we have to deal with weeds and headaches.

When feeling that way I usually try to soothe myself and say it’s o.k. Then I start to think about the day. Who I will be interacting with, work to do and writing ideas.

When all else fails I view images of lovely places around the world. This morning I stumbled upon this one.

Can you imagine sitting at that desk over the water and writing How awe inspiring it would be? It looks like heaven and now I feel a little better.

How do you handle, “one of those days?” Do you stay in bed with the covers over your head? Maybe go about your day in a half sleep? Share the misery with others? Give yourself a pep talk?

The image above was found here:

There are literally thousands of amazing images from around the world and I highly recommend it to beauty seekers.


3 thoughts on “One of Those Days

    1. ariescottrell Post author

      Hello, VJ and welcome to the blog. Quieting the mind through meditation before bed helps. Still those restless nights happen from time to time. I’m hoping to hear how others relax and let things go. Bet there are many great techniques out there!
      Thanks very much for commenting!


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