The Best Parking Spot At The Santa Claus Parade

The weather was perfect as we set out through the park toward the parade. Passing others either walking or cycling to the event really got us in the festive spirit.

We parked the bikes at a shop five minutes from the parade route and walked over. The kids were excited as the brightly lit floats, more sophisticated than the ones I remember as a child, passed by.

After the event we popped into the shop and picked up some buns to go with dinner.  With day light savings time finished our ride home through the park was a dark one. Street lamps along the path helped. We flew home under bridges with snarled traffic above us, and angry horns blasting.

My husband and I had a chance to chat and share a couple of laughs. Putting the bikes away in the garage I felt exhilarated and ready for a delicious meal.

What I learned last night is cheap/frugal doesn’t always equal sacrifice. We saved $5.00  in gas, got some exercise and had fun. THAT is priceless.


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