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I am a little, or should I say I “WAS” a little pissed off this morning.

Since I needed a post for today to keep up with the NaBloPoMo challenge I thought this is as good a subject as any.

The experience:

I was talking to someone, we’ll call her Anne, about riding the bike today. Anne was all bundled up as if the temps had already hit sub-zero. She suggested, “it was rather ambitious of me to continue with the cycling considering the drop in temperature.”

It was +5C today.

I replied, “no big deal as long as you’re dressed for the weather.”

Well this response failed to deter her from the desired result I guess. She went on to share with me how a cyclist had fallen to their death over a bridge. The bridge I use to go to and return from my destination on these outings actually.

It seems Anne really wanted to put me off riding today with all this lovely and well intentioned (giving her the benefit of the doubt) negative chatter.

I said “goodbye” to her and toddled off to pack up my stuff and pull out the bike.

Here’s my problem. Anne did get me worried. Actually her horror story had me fearing for my safety. When I ride I am alert, watch the traffic and obey traffic lights etc. Although I had taken this route many times over the last few months, anxiety began to fester in the pit of my stomach.

Now I believe well placed fear can be a powerful motivator that can keep us safe, however when misused it can become a very dangerous emotion to feel while doing a task that is usually simple.

I knew I needed to change the thought. On the ride over that bridge I reminded myself, “you can just as easily get killed in a car on the highway. Actually far more have been seriously injured and killed in cars than on bicycles.” Yes I know the law of averages.
More cars than bikes… I had to stop comparing these dark facts and statistics if I wanted to be safe and fear free.

“I am cycling today because it is great exercise, increases energy and the sense of well being and I’m saving money,” I thought.

Immediately I started to feel better and enjoy the ride again. I noticed the more I practice law of attraction, changing negatives to positives, is happening quickly and easily.

I am reminded to accept good advice and leave the fear behind. This way we keep moving forward toward whatever life has to offer. Moving beyond the fear of “I can’t” and toward that  possibility “I can” increases our chances to succeed at whatever we can envision, and act upon.

This resistance I experienced from Anne is another rule of law of attraction. The greater your desire to succeed the greater is the resistance you experience.

A final thought:

I have a blogger friend who experienced a wicked cycling crash and is just now getting back on the bike after some time. To me this shows courage and strength of character. Both traits I highly admire and respect.

How do you feel the fear and do it anyways?


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