Debtless & Cheap – A Pause In Cheapville

I’m off my usual subject today, hopefully by the end of reading this post you will understand why.

I was working on the wool mitties this morning. For more on the mitten story see blog post here:  When an unexpected knock at the door caused me to loose count on the pattern. I knew the person standing there, we’ll call him M, because he was the same man who had adopted a
kitten from us back in early fall.

Ya, I’ll have to write a post explaining why we had kittens in the first place. Another blogging idea. 🙂

Anyway back too M. standing on my front porch. He wasn’t doing very good and explained that for personal reasons he was no longer able to care for and house the kitten, who we nicknamed Tigger2.

SAM_0273He said, he didn’t want to send the kitten to the pound, which I was happy to hear. Conditions in that place are not fit for anything living. I didn’t bother to mention he would have been asked if he wanted to euthanize the cat because they have no room for more animals.

Let me mention here that when I gave M. the kitten the last thing I said to him was, “Just know you can bring him back any time no questions asked if there is a problem.” And true to my word, I took him in.

As M. left he scratched Tigger2 on the head and said, “I love him you know.” His expression of affection for the kitten made me smile and I knew that was true. This was very hard for him and I didn’t want to prolong it. He is a nice person with his priorities
straight and giving the kitten back was a very unselfish act and the right thing to do.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “We’ll find a place for him.”

Now here is the quirky twist to this story. I wasn’t really surprised to see the kitten, although his return was unexpected. Let me explain.

Throughout the week I have been getting (let’s call it intuition) that one of the kittens might be coming back. Or at least that was how I interpreted it.

First I heard from several of the kittens owners that the little ones are going crazy right now. Which is normal behavior for a cat of that age. One of the new owners really seems to be struggling and I reminded him that can be returned if necessary.

Next, I turned on a show called animal intervention that is new to me. For those unfamiliar with it. Basically two people tour homes in which there is suspected inadequate care for big cats and other wild animals. Where they find poor conditions they attempt to work with the owners to either fix up the housing or relocate them to a safer and healthier location.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched a big cat owner unselfishly surrender the animals he loved so dearly to a sanctuary because he was no longer able to care for them. I was very impressed with this unselfish act, much the same way M impressed me this morning.

De ja vous or what?

Anyway as impressed as I am the work begins. We need to find a new home for Tigger2 where he can be happy and healthy and thrive with unselfish people. People very much like M. who
are willing to share their home with this adorable little guy. If you know of anyone who might be interested in adopting Tigger please get in touch with me.

Thank you


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