Debtless & Cheap – Merry Frugal Christmas

I received a friends and family invitation from a local store today. I won’t mention the shops name as my friends and family read the blog and I had presents to buy.

Everything in the store was 25% off. I crossed a ton of presents off my Christmas list tonight, and saved $100 at the same time. This is a cheapskates dream come true! Sorry Christmas don’t mean to sound like a scrooge I just love saving money.

The best part, I have been to others stores boasting of sales only to find marked up prices that are lowered to appear as sale pricing. However, having shopped at this outlet frequently I knew the prices were not marked up, and with that 25% discount I saved big time in real time on presents and decorations.

Can we do our frugal Christmas happy dance now?

Have some tips on saving money on the holidays? Play Santa and share in comments.


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