About Me

Married 29 years to a supportive and caring husband. Mom of two beautiful daughters, and grandma to an adorable little princess. I live in Ontario, Canada where we share our home with two wonderful feline friends.

Love to write and studying Law of Attraction and creative writing. I have taken several writing courses through Sheridan College.

I enjoy writing short stories and blogging. I am currently working on a longer supernatural story with a Law of Attraction twist. I threw in a zombie or two and the story is taking on a science meets magic flavor.

In the mood for a free short story? Check out the ShortStoriesBlog


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. clayton paul

    Congrats on your new award! And thanks for visiting my site as well. We’ll check in on each other over time, I am sure!


    1. ariescottrell Post author

      Thanks Clayton, honestly didn’t notice I had an award, was a bit confused. Have been writing like a mad person trying to keep up with this NaBloPoMo challenge 🙂

      You’re welcome for the visit to your page and thank you for liking and following, appreciated.

      I enjoy reading blogs and hope to have a read on your pages soon.

      Best regards.

      1. clayton paul

        I understand time constraints! So happy you made time to respond so quickly to me today!

        Have a great and productive day…

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