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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Who Knew

As suspected Black Friday was filled with drama and injury. While I do like to joke about it. The behaviour surrounding these events are anything but funny.Having said that let’s just move on, shall we.

What’s up with this cyber Monday thing? Anyone know what kind of deals you can get online? Would this be something that might appeal to the average frugal cheapskate? If there really are deals to be had it sounds like a perfect fit for this cheapish lady.

In store shopping tends to be chaotic and hurried. I like to stop, take a breath and consider the value of items. Doing so in the comfort of my living room might be a slice of heaven.

Anyway, going to give it a try on Monday. Wish me luck.

One more post to go Nablopomo oh ya!


Black Friday & Cheap T.V.

Here is the status I posted on Facebook today:

“Tomorrow’s Black Friday. Please get out there crash doors and grab ludicrous deals so I have something interesting to watch on T.V.”

This pretty much sums up my feelings and thoughts toward this crazy media event that sends us into a frenzy.

Oh and seeing people trampled over a few dollars in savings, now that’s entertainment, isn’t it?

I like to think I’m frugal. “Black Friday” now that’s nuts.