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Debtless & Cheap – Turn Wasted Money into Wonderful Gifts


Turning wasted money into wonderful gifts.

A few years ago when feeling very ambitious about my knitting skills I picked up a pattern for a real wool sweater. Next I purchased the wool. Let me tell you it wasn’t cheap. We are
talking the real deal, not that synthetic clone.

I got everything home, started the sweater and realized how difficult this was going to be. I gave up and threw the whole package wool and all into the closet.

I tried to forget the fiasco. Not an easy task when  the husband feels a constant need to remind you.

Two weeks ago I pulled the bag from the closet. It is getting colder here, and I decided to use the wool to make hats and mitts.

I’ve now used the wool to make a hat and two pairs of minutes. I can probably get ten sets out the skeins.

Feeling pretty good tonight, knowing the wasted money is turning into something useful and will help keep family and friends warm during the cold Canadian winter.