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My favorite character of all time – A vampire?

My favorite fictional character of all time lives on the pages of the vampire novels written by Anne Rice. His name, drum roll please, Lestat The Vampire.

O.k. take a deep breath. I know some may be scratching their head wondering how I chose  “him”.

Here’s my explanation:

Lestat is a lost soul (like most vampires) wandering the earth in search of the answers to life’s big questions. He is in fact more human than most of us would care to admit. At one time or another I believe we all wonder why we are here and what might be unseen in the universe that surrounds us. Lestat goes through this process in the same way do. The only difference, he does so on the pages of Rice’s novels.

His humanity like the rest of ours is a mass of choices dealing with fate. Sometimes he makes good decisions and at other times not so much. He doesn’t intentionally hurt others, well at times he does, but that’s another story, but he does make mistakes. He is driven to eat and feed off of the life force of those outside himself as we are driven to do. Then suffers guilt and conscience for following basic human instinct. Those wrong decisions have consequences and his life is not always pleasant. Lestat is a supernatural character however, the reality of his situation speaks to real life experiences. This makes the reads worth my time and appreciation.

The second thing I love about this character is his desire to ponder the bigger questions in life. He wanders through situations where he considers the existence of God. This is done on many stages both earthly and heavenly, as well as in different countries and cultures. He enters into dialogue with God, others and himself. The discourse mixes the serious with humor in a balanced and intelligent way.

Finally he has the courage to face the loss of loved ones through their death or departure. It hurts him as it would any of us and he must deal with those emotions and find ways in which to carry on. The books deal with loss honestly, it is far from sweet endings. Lestat’s heart gets broken just like the rest of ours. The situation of loss is real, painful and difficult. Much the same as we experience in life when someone dear to us departs from our
sphere for whatever reason.

I appreciate the character Lestat’s style. While I enjoy the supernatural antics he finds himself in, it is well balanced with realistic seasoning. Just enough so that I found myself loving this character when reading the books and wondering about him while doing other things. He is a hauntingly beautiful example of what I think a vampire should be.