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Debtless & Cheap – Dumpster Diving for Writer’s

In keeping with the cheap theme written in recent posts I dedicate this one to starving writers everywhere. To all of us who make a conscious choice to live on the cheap in order to support our obsession with the written word.

I think the average writer is like me, a dreamer. Logically we know how expensive a the craft of writing is. One needs to be rich or hold down a “real” job to pay for it. More often than not we are just working stiffs and after paying the bills there really isn’t much left
over for educational pursuits.

While our brains speak logic, our hearts speak passion.

“I love writing, it is my dream,” we say. It is the hope that keeps us going on those boring planet earth days. “I need this, I need the education, I need to become the next great writer,” our hearts tell us. So how on earth can you afford a University level education? The simple answer is you can’t. Or at least not at this time.

However, thanks to the internet you can continue to study aspects of the craft without investing a dime with the exception of an internet charge.

In my pursuit of becoming a better writer I have found some great online resources, all free. Several reputable colleges offer entry level literature and English courses free on their websites. A simple Google search can net a wealth of cheap and free studies. Also online there exists unpublished indie authors who write very well and share enjoyable stories free of charge. I have had the pleasure of reading some of these excellent authors and wonder why they
remain unpublished. Yes the stuff is that good.

Think of the internet search as dumpster diving for writers. Yes, you will have to wade through a mountain of garbage to find the gems, however if you are afflicted with the writing bug, you know you’re willing to do almost anything for the craft! So plug your nose
and dive in. Free stuff awaits!


10 Things I Believe…

Here we are day 3 of the NaBloPoMo challenge. Yesterdays I wrote about my favourite character of all time. It can be read here: https://ariescottrell.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/my-favorite-character-of-all-time-a-vampire/ or from the side bar link. For today’s post I am using a writing prompt I found through a Google search on this site: http://www.kludgymom.com/idea-bank/

10 things I believe.

1. We live in an engineered world. Yes that’s right. I am a doubter of the evolution theory. The reason I doubt evolution? When I think of something as simple as vision I am unable to believe random chaotic evolution is responsible. Imagine the millions of optic nerves bundled together behind our eyeballs and leading to the brain. Each responsible for a tiny pixel of data we see. Now imagine the brain putting each fragment together inside the mind and translating it into an image. It is impossible for me to accept as a rational person that this complex system or any of the others inside the human body are a result of random evolution.

2. We can achieve our goals if we are willing to do the work and pay the price. This one’s a no brainer. We often believe due to circumstances we are somehow handicapped from realizing our goals built from dreams. That somehow we are fated, or destined not to succeed. My goal is to write enjoyable stories for others to read and make a living wage at it. In order for that to happen I spend every spare moment reading, writing and studying the craft. It is the only proven method writer’s use to realize their dreams. Doing the work and putting in the time is the only way for a writer to succeed. It’s more than a belief that’s a fact.

3. If we eat well and exercise regularly our bodies and minds are healthier. This needs little explanation. When I eat nutritious food daily and have scheduled exercise times it improves my brain and bodily functions. I have more energy and a deeper sense of well being. Enough said.

4. We generate love to ourselves when we share it with others. When we practise a state of loving and supporting ourselves and others, we generate that type of energy. Basically I believe if we share love there is an energetic response that comes from our mind and emotions. This energy translates into a magnet that will attract more of the same toward us.

5. Anything we tap into and pass around will come back to us, negative or positive. When I was younger I loved to ghost hunt. What I discovered from those experiences is tuning into that spooky paranormal stuff generates the weird and seemingly inexplicable feeling of being haunted. Now some would say it was just in my mind. The imagination working over time based on the information it received and in some cases that was true. However I have also had experiences where someone unaware of my spooky little hobby has seen things in my home after one of those trips. I don’t find those things as easy to write off.

6. People can change. I’ve known people who were nice and changed into someone not so nice. As well as people who were mean and learned to be kind. Don’t think I need to explain this one further. It is possible for us to change and it happens all the time, period.

7. Seeing the good in others at all times helps them see it in themselves, and us. This one goes back to surrounding ourselves with the type of energy we generate from thoughts and emotions. If someone is acting in a way that will create energy that is unlovable, we can choose to hold steadily the image of that person at their best. In this way we counter the negative effects of the unlovable state with the more pleasing energies of self worth, love and support. It has been done for me many times. When I was at my worst someone reminded me of the best.

8. We are stronger than we realize. This is an easy one to explain. If we keep going, that is strength. It is only in the choice to give up that we are weak. Real strength is a thought that carries us forward. We are all strong when we keep going.

9. We live in a world with a precise set of laws. This one also ties in with my belief that our thoughts and emotions generate energy. Loving supportive thoughts and emotions tap into that universal principle (law). Same thing with negative energy. The law is made up of many types of energies all at play in this world and available for our use.

10. Love and support is a two way street. Actually I no longer have this belief. Love and support is an ever flowing source. While it is nice when the person we offer those qualities to repays us in kind. It is just as nice to encounter a helpful and supportive stranger. It is an ever flowing river, not a rebound effect.

Those are some of my basic beliefs. I hope you enjoyed them and will share some of yours in the comments sections. Also feel free to debate, debunk and have fun with mine. My shoulders are broad, I rarely take offence and would love to hear from you.

Blog on!

Bikes, Writing, Fans & Congratulations

“Celebrate any progress. Don’t wait to get perfect.” – Ann McGee Cooper

After taking the summer off I recently returned to my part time job 3-4 days per week. Last year throughout fall/winter/spring I took the bus and it was… fine. I have nothing against public transit only a preference for outdoor spaces (except when extremely hot/cold). Someone suggested riding a bike to work. I laughed at the idea. My bike had been tucked away in the garage collecting dust for years. The more I thought on it, however the more it became an option.

On a warm day about a month ago I decided to take the first bike ride I had been on in years. I pulled it from the garage and literally had to dust it off, no joke. Hopping on I went for a short spin in the park. The old saying is true, “one never forgets how to ride a bike”. I may have kept my balance, but the muscles are a little slower to remember these days. Later that evening aching muscles had me limping around the house and screaming for aspirins.

The next morning I could barely move without wincing in pain. This is not for me, I thought, I can’t do it. There is no way I can ride 10K round trip 3-4 times per week. However, I did that small tour of the park and congratulated myself for the effort.

When it came time to head off to work I pulled the bus pass from my wallet on the way out the door. I stopped in front of the garage. My butt muscles were still sore and it is too hot to ride I argued. Tucking the pass back in the wallet I opened the garage door and pulled out the bike.

I jumped up on with more exuberance than I felt, cursing as my sore butt hit the hard leather seat. There was nothing graceful about this ride. I chugged along the streets and through the park toward work. According to the GPS ETA was 15 minutes by bike. After getting off several times to walk up steep hills, and stop at traffic lights, I arrived in 30 minutes. I parked the bike at the side of the house and became aware of only one thing. My aching leg muscles. It’s just too hard! My mind screamed

The end of the work day arrived and I stood facing the bike. I can call for a drive or take the bus home, I reminded myself. Instead of taking my phone out I swung my leg over the side of the bike and hopped on. The trip took another 30 minutes to get home. I parked the bike in the garage and swore never to ride the thing again. I am too old for this!

That was 3 weeks ago and after a few more nights of sore muscles and a bit of bike tweaking to make it more comfortable I now ride back and forth to work every day. This means I am riding 30-40 K per week. I look forward to the trips now. It is an enjoyable part of my day. My energy level has increased and I feel good about myself for sticking with it.

I find writing much like riding a bike. We learn it, write a few stories, put it away for awhile, maybe then come back to it again. All the time wondering, can I do this? Sometimes we quit out of fear of failure. This might happen many times over. The reality is: it is only in the continued action of writing that small successes can lead to bigger and bigger ones.

I congratulate myself for hopping on that bike and for writing this latest blog post.

You are your own biggest fan. What successes should you be congratulated for today?