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Cycling Through The Winter Blues

The weather turned icy and cold here today as it normally does around this time of year in Canada. Gone are the warm summer breezes and brisk, bright autumn days, replaced by winters’ icy touch.

With the colder temps setting in it is time to store the bike. I will miss that little piece of metal on wheels. We started a new adventure together this year and I learned about possibilities. It also reminded me how to feel like a kid again.

It was a good fall season, no worries or regrets because as soon as the weather warms up and the ice melts I will be out there pedaling along the streets and down through the parks once more, offering a smile and sincere “Good day” to those I pass by.

The winter time in Canada brings with it darker and colder days and for those of us who live in this climate, exercise is crucially important. A couple of months without sun can lead to depression, aka cabin fever.

With the bike tucked away in the garage, I turn back to the treadmill. It is perfectly situated beside a window overlooking the park. As I have done for many years over the winter months I will spend hours walking miles while watching snow storms and winter winds blow.

I have used that machine to walk through many a winter blahs. Worrying, at times, that there was nothing more for me. Thinking I would spend the rest of my life on a treadmill leading to no where.

But there is more, and the cycling adventures are proving it to me. Life is a journey. There are steps to be taken in order to grasp more of it.

Walking the treadmill built strength in my legs. This strength allowed me to hop back on the bike and continue the journey. A journey 4 years ago didn’t cross my mind.

Life has ups and downs, and sometimes we want to give up. Maybe it is true what they say, “we just have to keep going.” And when an opportunity to do something new presents itself, go ahead and give it a try.

“Step out, risk, live, love and laugh.” These are more than words, or pretty cliches. They are real time events to be experienced each day.

What new thing can you try today?


Cycling in the Snow

What a ride.

This morning there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and the temperature had dipped below zero. It was time for my bike ride and I started to freeze up thinking about the risk the snow might pose.

For those of you who followed my previous posts you might remember the post re: getting back on the bike after years of not riding. No I won’t say how many years!

If you missed that post it can be read here: https://ariescottrell.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/bikes-writing-fans-congratulations-2/

Anyway one of the reasons I started cycling again is the desire to do new and fresh things. Tired of the same old, I wanted to dust the cobwebs away from my life. Well riding in cold weather and with snow on the ground was definitely something new to me.

When I looked out the window and saw the white fluffy stuff I felt a ton of anxiety. Phrases like, “it’s too cold” and “it might be slippery” started  playing through my mind to a chorus of ridiculous catastrophic scenario’s. Don’t get me wrong these are great cautionary points if they cause you to be sensible and don’t keep you from doing what you love.

I knew I had to silence the choir before I could consider a ride, or I would be too nervous and the trip definitely would become a dangerous ride.

So how did I overcome the negative self talk and improve my mood before riding? The answer is simple. I used a little soft and positive self talk to ease the hard and negative. l told myself things like, “no harm in trying” and “I can always turn back if needed.” There are no do or die scenario’s in my world, only fun and enjoyment.

After dressing appropriately, away I went. During the ride I realized this is much the same as anything new we want to try. Sure you feel nervous and the inevitable, “you can’t because ____ arguments arise. However, you can push through it easily with gentle and uplifting self talk. There are always options and safe ways to accomplish our desires and goals when they are positive and in our best interest.

This very gentle approach to success works for me. Now I’m curious, how do you override the negative thoughts and just do it!