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Samhain Reflections


I give thanks at this time of year for the harvest of life experience lived in 2013. I reflect on the joy, wonder and learning and accept the tears, pain and unpleasant parts. The dance of life all working together as natural parts of experiences.


I remember family and friends who passed. My love, respect and admiration for some of them. My love, frustration and confusion with others, I appreciate both equally and understand the two sided nature of life and its imperative to help shape us.


It is the end of the planting season a time to reap the harvest of dreams and goals realized, while mourning the loss of those that did not manifest as we had hoped.


Halloween is the time to celebrate and give thanks for the darker elements of life that help shape us and the world into something ever more glorious.


Here is my wish for you:


“May your candy bags (food supply) always be full and may your pumpkins (dreams and goals) be the perfect fit for you.”


Happy Halloween!