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God Unplugged & In Real Time

For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: “Love others as you love yourself.” But if instead of showing love among yourselves you are always critical and catty, watch out! Beware of ruining each other. Galatians 5:14-15 Life Application Bible.

Recently, and after a long separation from God I have returned to my faith. More will be written on that journey in future posts, however reading back through this blog will provide a snap shot of the last few years journey.

This morning I am reflecting on the above Bible passage and its real life possibilities and implications.

To love others as we love ourselves always confused me, because as someone who really doesn’t feel a whole lot of love for myself (but I am getting better) I wondered why on earth I would want to treat others the way I treat myself.

Since reading and studying more on this passage I have come to understand it this way. We all have, an inherit instinct to preserve ourselves. The need to eat when hungry, sleep in a warm bed when tired, and live in a decent clean environment. These are our basic needs we love to take care of for survival. And this is the very minimal way we can show our love and support for others. We all know a person lacking in any of these carnal needs will find it very difficult to feel or learn about love and compassion.

The second verse of the above passage warns about being critical and catty. This truth I have come to know on a personal level through interactions with many people and God willing I can summarize effectively below.

Having met with different types of people and knowing we take away grains of their beliefs I noticed something very interesting. There is a multitude of people who tend to be flippant, catty, critical and manipulative (the language of shame) in their approach to correcting what they perceive as a “wrong”. When met with one of these people I notice it triggers feelings of defensiveness and shame in those who do not understand their true identity in Christ.

This type of council leads to thoughts of rebellion and can cause the receiver to act out in ways opposite to the message the sender was trying to convey. Rebellion is part of our natural instinct so it is probably unhelpful to trigger that instinct when attempting to
help someone who’s actions are harmful to themselves or others. This is evident in cases of bullying that lead to feelings of depression and in extreme instances, suicide.

There is a second type of person who takes an entirely different approach to supportive correction. They are kind, loving, humble and and supportive (the language of guilt). While they offer critical direction and support toward growth, they are not critically judgmental. This type of teaching tends to stick and produce a real and positive change for many (myself included). Guilt when used as guide post to help us correct our wrong actions is a great way to improve the lives of ourselves and others.

Of course this is all dependent on the receiver. If a student desires to be kind, loving humble and supportive their natural sense of rebellion will not be triggered by someone who is using the language of guilt vs. the language of shame.

I know myself I tend to ask more questions of the second type of person, and take a curious interest in what sorts of things helped shape a person of this caliber. A person who is humble enough to realize they have no worthy judgement against anyone.

Sheila Walsh – Guilt tells you, you’ve done something wrong. Shame tells you, you are something wrong.

Anyway the two extremes are just examples and for discussion purposes. I think many of us are somewhere in between and can be catty and sarcastic one day and more loving and supportive the next. It is all part of the human experience.

For me returning to faith in God allows me to read, study and meditate on these simple nuggets of truth. And when I find myself putting them into practice more and more frequently in my life I thank God. I thank God that it allow me to reach out in loving, kind, humble and supportive ways more effectively.

So there it is in a simple grape seed. “To be catty, smart mouthed and critical is human while actions of humility, love and kind supportive correction is divine.



Frugal & Creative

This winter was a long and cold one. And actually it was perfect weather for one of my favorite hobbies, crocheting. Not only is crocheting creative, it can also be quite inexpensive.

Below are pics of some items I made over the winter:

485552_213434898866098_601066370_n 971886_210003905875864_463550576_n 988475_218713511671570_5441330476542192490_n 1498005_218946074981647_3653091506292146424_o 1511732_170263979849857_1455914344_o 10015062_218945944981660_3459898313074354460_n 10171292_213137945562460_686363748_n 10249711_218499638359624_472578492736908865_n 10250253_218750348334553_8046801952445703678_nCheap can be very good!


The Zany Blogger

I am amazed how fast November has flown by. After this entry there are 3 posts to go and I am starting to wonder what to do with myself next month to stay out of trouble.

Anyway as the month fizzles away the posts seem to be getting more and more punchy. Trying to find something to write about every day has been an enjoyable and eye opening challenge.

Therefore without further introduction let me present my latest silly post.

He called you what?!

So yesterday while I was talking to someone in real time. I got around to asking him if he was enjoying the blog.

He told me he didn’t have a lot of spare time, but had read some of my “zany” posts.

Later when I got home the worry wart in my brain starting singing.
“He called you zany that means crazy. He must not think much of you,” and on and on it went.

I quieted the wart with a dose of compound positivity and got to thinking about the word zany.

I thought about what it means, light, easy going, silly, free spirited,
funny. “Well that’s not so bad,” I reminded myself, considering that is what I look for in life as often as possible. Actually, if I am honest with myself it is probably exactly what I was going for in the posts. For someone like me who is allergic to labels I guess you might say I’m turning into a hypocrite. I really, kinda love this label.

Here’s an idea, maybe I can call myself ‘The Zany Blogger’. It works doesn’t it?

How do you handle the worry wart choir that plays in your head?
Love it or hate it, I don’t think we can ever silence it. Just maybe though, we can have a little fun with it?

Cycling Through The Winter Blues

The weather turned icy and cold here today as it normally does around this time of year in Canada. Gone are the warm summer breezes and brisk, bright autumn days, replaced by winters’ icy touch.

With the colder temps setting in it is time to store the bike. I will miss that little piece of metal on wheels. We started a new adventure together this year and I learned about possibilities. It also reminded me how to feel like a kid again.

It was a good fall season, no worries or regrets because as soon as the weather warms up and the ice melts I will be out there pedaling along the streets and down through the parks once more, offering a smile and sincere “Good day” to those I pass by.

The winter time in Canada brings with it darker and colder days and for those of us who live in this climate, exercise is crucially important. A couple of months without sun can lead to depression, aka cabin fever.

With the bike tucked away in the garage, I turn back to the treadmill. It is perfectly situated beside a window overlooking the park. As I have done for many years over the winter months I will spend hours walking miles while watching snow storms and winter winds blow.

I have used that machine to walk through many a winter blahs. Worrying, at times, that there was nothing more for me. Thinking I would spend the rest of my life on a treadmill leading to no where.

But there is more, and the cycling adventures are proving it to me. Life is a journey. There are steps to be taken in order to grasp more of it.

Walking the treadmill built strength in my legs. This strength allowed me to hop back on the bike and continue the journey. A journey 4 years ago didn’t cross my mind.

Life has ups and downs, and sometimes we want to give up. Maybe it is true what they say, “we just have to keep going.” And when an opportunity to do something new presents itself, go ahead and give it a try.

“Step out, risk, live, love and laugh.” These are more than words, or pretty cliches. They are real time events to be experienced each day.

What new thing can you try today?

Debtless & Cheap (New Blog Announcement)

For most of our adult lives my husband and I carried a debt burden. Through doing work with Law of Attraction, which brought a very wise financial guru into our lives, we decided 2014 will be the year we tackle our debts.

I am starting a new blog called Debt-less and Cheap (he’s debt-less, I’m cheap). There I will document our ideas on saving money and increasing income. This is not a get rich scheme or another book. It is our real time journey toward greater prosperity.

The plan is to give ourselves ultimate Christmas gift in 2014. A life free from the stress and strain of living indebted to financial institutions.

Each of us deserves happiness and I hope others who have been considering working on their debt will join us and participate in the blog.

This is the ultimate challenge and loosing the debt is a great way to increase happiness and improve self confidence.

Details of the blogs publishing date will follow in the next few days.

How cheap are you?

Hunting The Humor Falling From The Sky

In search of the next great writing prompt, I surfed my way over to this blog: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/make-em-laugh/  Clicking around I ended up on a page that offered advice on crafting humorous blog posts. Since I am incredibly
boring and know how important laughter is to well being, I read on.

“Get out there and participate in life because the funny is all around us,” is the advice that jumped out at me. As a recovering negative recluse this challenge is the PERFECT mission for me.

The phone rings, it’s my husband. For a week now we have been bantering back and forth over a T.V. commercial. The scene, a woman running on a treadmill tells her friend that a tree falling in the forest does make a sound. Hubby agrees with her, I say it
does not.

After hanging up with him, the phone rings again. It is a client calling to schedule delivery. He gives me the address I write it down and sign off.

Continuing with work I idly fiddle with the piece of paper I wrote the address on. Grabbing a cup of coffee I sit back down in my chair. In front of me on the desk is the address.

“1009 Fallen Oak Place.”

Laughter bubbles up, hubby wins. It seems trees do make a sound when they fall. Actually they use mobile’s too!

Because this was such a fun and delightful exercise, I am going to dedicate this weeks NaBloPoMo to life’s little humours. I will keep a close eye out for the funnies and write about it here. Please join me in sharing the laughter and joy by telling your own tales of humor either in comments section here or on a blog. Let’s make it a week filled with more laughter!

Like Attracts Like. What are you like?

We are like magnets – like attract like. You become AND attract what you think. The law of attraction.

NaBloPoMo post #8

Yesterday I wrote a post on pulling up memories of great client discussions before making a challenging re scheduling call. Post here:  https://ariescottrell.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/nablopomo-post-7-law-of-positive-attraction/

Carrying forward with that theme I am interested in how we can use the like attracts like law in more and more powerful ways.

Here is an example of powerful:

Last night while watching a sports game an athlete who was interviewed by the commentator brought this very point up during his interview.

He had suffered a serious eye injury during a game and there was questions surrounding his ability to play again. The commentator asked the athlete how this news made him feel. He responded with, “I continued to do my regular work outs and allowed like to attract like. He is now back in the game.

Incidences of like attracting like are recorded worldwide. I have experienced it personally and accept the law as truth or reality. We are the commanders of our lives and experiences.

Having accepted this truth I live each moment, finding the best in others and myself. I follow through with thoughts that attract more positivity. Like minded individuals join me in the fun along the journey. They are supportive and caring people working toward creating more positive and prosperous existence for us all.

There is that one big question here. Is it only our thoughts emotions and behaviors that determine the quality of our lives? Or do those thoughts go out to the universe and come back to us through some filter known as god, energy, force. For the purpose of this chat it is unnecessary to enter that distracting debate. Ultimately the like attracts like law works for those who do and don’t believe in a higher power.

Back to the original question from the beginning of this post. How do we use Law of Attraction in more powerful ways? The athlete I mentioned above said it best. “Keep a regular workout routine”.

Translated that means there is no magic pill. Keep practicing like attracts like regularly and you will continue to bring those things into your life that you want. Or of course you can continue to practice unconsciously and get a random chaotic existence. Either way the law works.

For me the daily workout includes, meditation, studying Law of Attraction and holding my world and everyone in it to their highest potential and possibilities, myself included. It is practice, practise and more practise. Just keep going in that positive direction.

Do you have a regular routine you follow to flex those attraction muscles in the direction you choose? Please consider sharing them in the comment section. I believe we are all here to learn from each other. Let’s do it!