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I’m An Orphan

I realized tonight it has been quite sometime since I lasted posted to this blog. Normally I enjoy posting inspirational, uplifting and of course frugal pieces here.

Tonight I would like to share my current situation as it will (I am sure) lead into more positive and motivational words in the near future.

Just over a month ago on February 13th 2014 my father passed away. This was not really a shock in terms of suddenness as he had been sick for some time. It was more a shock in the realization that I was now parent less having lost mom 5 years ago.

When my mother passed it hit me pretty hard as it was unexpected. It took a few years to really come to grips with the loss. Sadly, I guess it is true what they say, we can pretty much get used to anything because I find myself accepting the loss of my father far more easily and with less pain and confusion.

I find my thoughts fluctuating these days between the sense of losing both parents and the feeling of peace that comes after facing such a tremendous fear as the death of ones parents.

I am beginning to sense a sort of wisdom and patience I didn’t previously have. It is the belief that so many little things just are not that important anymore, and certainly not to be feared. I go through my days with greater clarity of the things that need to be done, and get them done.

Is there a metamorphosis occurring here? I guess time will tell. But for my readers I just wanted to touch base this evening and share where my head, heart and spirit are currently residing.

Be well all, there is lots more to come!


Debtless & Cheap – Now That`s Frugal


Recently we received a phone call about an appliance pick up. The person on the other end insisted the unit, a fridge, was under two years old and in perfect working order. They had only changed it because a plastic light covering inside the fridge had warped slightly due to heat coming off the bulbs.

I wondered if this was too good to be true. The caller’s timing is perfect. We know someone who can really use a new fridge. If it works this will make an excellent Christmas present.

Anyway my husband picked the unit up a couple of nights ago and brought it home. It is a gorgeous LG stainless steel refrigerator and definitely only a couple of years old. We plugged it in, I crossed my fingers and we left it to cool overnight. The next morning and to my delight it was working.

I spent a couple of hours in elbow grease cleaning the unit and it looks brand new.

This piece would easily sell for between $100-$200. Instead, and in keeping with the season, it is destined to become a fantastic gift for someone special.

This is definitely the sort of Frugal Christmas miracle I enjoy. Merry Christmas Baby!

Debtless & Cheap (New Blog Announcement)

For most of our adult lives my husband and I carried a debt burden. Through doing work with Law of Attraction, which brought a very wise financial guru into our lives, we decided 2014 will be the year we tackle our debts.

I am starting a new blog called Debt-less and Cheap (he’s debt-less, I’m cheap). There I will document our ideas on saving money and increasing income. This is not a get rich scheme or another book. It is our real time journey toward greater prosperity.

The plan is to give ourselves ultimate Christmas gift in 2014. A life free from the stress and strain of living indebted to financial institutions.

Each of us deserves happiness and I hope others who have been considering working on their debt will join us and participate in the blog.

This is the ultimate challenge and loosing the debt is a great way to increase happiness and improve self confidence.

Details of the blogs publishing date will follow in the next few days.

How cheap are you?

Copy Cat – No really, copy the cat

I’m frantically typing a million new writing ideas over coffee this morning. The cat wanders over and plops herself down in my lap. I lift my arms so she can snuggle in and keep typing over her. She nuzzles my fingers clearly wanting attention. This is an
argument I am not going to win.

SAM_0223 SAM_0224I stop typing and pet her. She arches her back and laps it up. “I have so much to write about this morning,” I say out loud. Did I say that to the cat? She looks up at me  through lazy eyes. It reminds me to take a moment, relax and breath. My mind slows down, a sense of well being tingles up and down my spine, hunched shoulders droop and I am at peace.

She helped me let go for a minute, and I found focus again. Her little reminder to take a moment and share some affection in the midst of our busy lives.

This post is dedicated to our pet friends who remind us to be easy about it,
smile, relax and have fun.

Cycling in the Snow

What a ride.

This morning there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and the temperature had dipped below zero. It was time for my bike ride and I started to freeze up thinking about the risk the snow might pose.

For those of you who followed my previous posts you might remember the post re: getting back on the bike after years of not riding. No I won’t say how many years!

If you missed that post it can be read here: https://ariescottrell.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/bikes-writing-fans-congratulations-2/

Anyway one of the reasons I started cycling again is the desire to do new and fresh things. Tired of the same old, I wanted to dust the cobwebs away from my life. Well riding in cold weather and with snow on the ground was definitely something new to me.

When I looked out the window and saw the white fluffy stuff I felt a ton of anxiety. Phrases like, “it’s too cold” and “it might be slippery” started  playing through my mind to a chorus of ridiculous catastrophic scenario’s. Don’t get me wrong these are great cautionary points if they cause you to be sensible and don’t keep you from doing what you love.

I knew I had to silence the choir before I could consider a ride, or I would be too nervous and the trip definitely would become a dangerous ride.

So how did I overcome the negative self talk and improve my mood before riding? The answer is simple. I used a little soft and positive self talk to ease the hard and negative. l told myself things like, “no harm in trying” and “I can always turn back if needed.” There are no do or die scenario’s in my world, only fun and enjoyment.

After dressing appropriately, away I went. During the ride I realized this is much the same as anything new we want to try. Sure you feel nervous and the inevitable, “you can’t because ____ arguments arise. However, you can push through it easily with gentle and uplifting self talk. There are always options and safe ways to accomplish our desires and goals when they are positive and in our best interest.

This very gentle approach to success works for me. Now I’m curious, how do you override the negative thoughts and just do it!

Hunting The Humor Falling From The Sky

In search of the next great writing prompt, I surfed my way over to this blog: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/make-em-laugh/  Clicking around I ended up on a page that offered advice on crafting humorous blog posts. Since I am incredibly
boring and know how important laughter is to well being, I read on.

“Get out there and participate in life because the funny is all around us,” is the advice that jumped out at me. As a recovering negative recluse this challenge is the PERFECT mission for me.

The phone rings, it’s my husband. For a week now we have been bantering back and forth over a T.V. commercial. The scene, a woman running on a treadmill tells her friend that a tree falling in the forest does make a sound. Hubby agrees with her, I say it
does not.

After hanging up with him, the phone rings again. It is a client calling to schedule delivery. He gives me the address I write it down and sign off.

Continuing with work I idly fiddle with the piece of paper I wrote the address on. Grabbing a cup of coffee I sit back down in my chair. In front of me on the desk is the address.

“1009 Fallen Oak Place.”

Laughter bubbles up, hubby wins. It seems trees do make a sound when they fall. Actually they use mobile’s too!

Because this was such a fun and delightful exercise, I am going to dedicate this weeks NaBloPoMo to life’s little humours. I will keep a close eye out for the funnies and write about it here. Please join me in sharing the laughter and joy by telling your own tales of humor either in comments section here or on a blog. Let’s make it a week filled with more laughter!

10 Things I Believe…

Here we are day 3 of the NaBloPoMo challenge. Yesterdays I wrote about my favourite character of all time. It can be read here: https://ariescottrell.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/my-favorite-character-of-all-time-a-vampire/ or from the side bar link. For today’s post I am using a writing prompt I found through a Google search on this site: http://www.kludgymom.com/idea-bank/

10 things I believe.

1. We live in an engineered world. Yes that’s right. I am a doubter of the evolution theory. The reason I doubt evolution? When I think of something as simple as vision I am unable to believe random chaotic evolution is responsible. Imagine the millions of optic nerves bundled together behind our eyeballs and leading to the brain. Each responsible for a tiny pixel of data we see. Now imagine the brain putting each fragment together inside the mind and translating it into an image. It is impossible for me to accept as a rational person that this complex system or any of the others inside the human body are a result of random evolution.

2. We can achieve our goals if we are willing to do the work and pay the price. This one’s a no brainer. We often believe due to circumstances we are somehow handicapped from realizing our goals built from dreams. That somehow we are fated, or destined not to succeed. My goal is to write enjoyable stories for others to read and make a living wage at it. In order for that to happen I spend every spare moment reading, writing and studying the craft. It is the only proven method writer’s use to realize their dreams. Doing the work and putting in the time is the only way for a writer to succeed. It’s more than a belief that’s a fact.

3. If we eat well and exercise regularly our bodies and minds are healthier. This needs little explanation. When I eat nutritious food daily and have scheduled exercise times it improves my brain and bodily functions. I have more energy and a deeper sense of well being. Enough said.

4. We generate love to ourselves when we share it with others. When we practise a state of loving and supporting ourselves and others, we generate that type of energy. Basically I believe if we share love there is an energetic response that comes from our mind and emotions. This energy translates into a magnet that will attract more of the same toward us.

5. Anything we tap into and pass around will come back to us, negative or positive. When I was younger I loved to ghost hunt. What I discovered from those experiences is tuning into that spooky paranormal stuff generates the weird and seemingly inexplicable feeling of being haunted. Now some would say it was just in my mind. The imagination working over time based on the information it received and in some cases that was true. However I have also had experiences where someone unaware of my spooky little hobby has seen things in my home after one of those trips. I don’t find those things as easy to write off.

6. People can change. I’ve known people who were nice and changed into someone not so nice. As well as people who were mean and learned to be kind. Don’t think I need to explain this one further. It is possible for us to change and it happens all the time, period.

7. Seeing the good in others at all times helps them see it in themselves, and us. This one goes back to surrounding ourselves with the type of energy we generate from thoughts and emotions. If someone is acting in a way that will create energy that is unlovable, we can choose to hold steadily the image of that person at their best. In this way we counter the negative effects of the unlovable state with the more pleasing energies of self worth, love and support. It has been done for me many times. When I was at my worst someone reminded me of the best.

8. We are stronger than we realize. This is an easy one to explain. If we keep going, that is strength. It is only in the choice to give up that we are weak. Real strength is a thought that carries us forward. We are all strong when we keep going.

9. We live in a world with a precise set of laws. This one also ties in with my belief that our thoughts and emotions generate energy. Loving supportive thoughts and emotions tap into that universal principle (law). Same thing with negative energy. The law is made up of many types of energies all at play in this world and available for our use.

10. Love and support is a two way street. Actually I no longer have this belief. Love and support is an ever flowing source. While it is nice when the person we offer those qualities to repays us in kind. It is just as nice to encounter a helpful and supportive stranger. It is an ever flowing river, not a rebound effect.

Those are some of my basic beliefs. I hope you enjoyed them and will share some of yours in the comments sections. Also feel free to debate, debunk and have fun with mine. My shoulders are broad, I rarely take offence and would love to hear from you.

Blog on!